The Journey Begins



a) Have you ever ridden- 3) a horse? / a motorbike?

b)Have you ever given- 4) a speech?/ a lecture?

c) Have you ever met-1) a famous person/ a person from Japan?

d) Have  you  ever swum- 6) in a river?/ with dolphins?

e) Have you ever won- 2) a competition?/ a race?

f) Have you ever slept- 5) in a tent?/ on a boat? 


a) I’ve already/ never/ twice been to Egypt.

b) I’ve been to Egypt just/ three weeks ago/ in 2004. 

c) I haven’t been to Egypt yet/ for ages/ before.

d)I went to Egypt last May/ lately/ many times. 

Grammar and Vocabulary


This is such a beautiful place. We are so lucky with our hotel. It’s really near the city centre and the staff are so friendly. Our room is lovely and clean, and we have such a fantastic view of the city. There are lots of good restaurants and bars, and they are so cheap. It’s such an interesting city. The museums and art galleries are great, and we are going to visit the royal palace tommorow. It’s so exiting. We’re having so good time-we don’t want to come home.


a) My neighbours are very quiet. I never hear them.

b)I can’t walk to work. My office is too far from my house.

c)I take the bus to work. It’s very crowded, but I usually get a seat.

d) It’s very hot in summer, but fortunately my office has air-conditioning.

e) Time goes too quickly,and I never finish my work.

f)I want to move into the city, but I can’t because apartments  are too expensive.